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Helen Lisowski

Zen & the Art of Personal Goal-Setting

“You need to set goals or you won’t know what you need to do!”
“You should not set goals as you will miss other, better opportunities while chasing them.”
“You should set big & scary goals!”
“You should break your goals into smaller, S.M.A.R.T. mini-goals”

With so much advice out there about what we should and shouldn’t do to achieve our goals, how is it that so many of us can’t achieve things we set out to do?  Even when we think we are very motivated to achieve a goal, often barely get off the ground with our goal.  (New Year Resolutions for example).

In this workshop, we will examine the goals you have set recently or ones you bring with you to set for yourself at the conference. (Don’t worry, there will be the time in the workshop to set some too!)

  • We will explore them through a different lens to see them differently
  • We will learn how to spot which of our own goals are likely to never be achieved.
  • Most importantly we will learn WHY some goals are easy and some are doomed.

You will almost certainly learn some things about yourself that you didn’t know before.

**Some time will be available in this workshop for setting new goals, but this will be easier if you have given this some thought before this workshop** 

Helen’s BIO

Helen Lisowski trains and mentors talented people in the Software Development Industry to build great habits. Using psychology & behavioural science she helps people work to their optimum, at the same time to deliver more value for their organisation. She has been involved in agile for well over a decade from International Corporations to startups, and everything in between.
Currently working at NewVoiceMedia Helen has helped transform the agile process from yearly releases to weekly releases. She has been presenting, running workshops and writing for many years now. She blogs at FluidWorking.com and you can find her on Twitter at @helenlisowski.
Helen claims her life is filled with variations on the same question about why we humans do what we do. She has an obsession with afternoon tea, so if you bump into her, say hi and join her for a brew.