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Krzysztof Trzewiczek

Web page is dead. Long live UI Components!

When React has been first announced it was immediately clear it breaks the golden separation of concerns between HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The rant was there in every corner of the Internet. “Where are the templates?”, “How are you going to maintain mixed HTML and JavaScript?”, “Why would you like to break the separation that worked for years?”

But since the AJAX revolution has it still been a real separation of concerns? Or maybe it has become a simple separation of technologies maintained by a legacy mindset driving what we’ve been doing? Technologies like React show that that is the case and we’re in the transition period to the new web mindset. One that instead of web pages thinks in terms of UI components.

In this quick tour of the Web history, we’ll take a closer look at how jQuery really revolutionized the web developer mindset and then go into the consequences and challenges we face when developing with UI components. On our journey, we’ll take a short stop to consider what Webpack and modern CSS-in-JS technologies put into the discussion and then finally take a moment to see design consequences of the mindset’s shift.

Krzysztof’s BIO

Krzysztof Trzewiczek, a front-end developer at New Voice Media.
His software development background is building interactive systems for music and theatre as well as interactive art. He used to take part in open government movement in Poland and Europe working as an open data software developer and technological transparency evangelist. For a few years, he dedicated himself to product design and UX to finally come back to front-end development. He’s an enthusiast of JavaScript and specification by example.

You can ping him on Twitter using @trzewiczek handle.