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Anna Linke & Will Jacobs

Ship-building – an Agile workshop for the WIP-curious

Are you curious or sceptical about the relevance of WIP limits?
Does keeping yourself busy all the time always help your team deliver more work?
Is slack time wasted time?
Should you always keep an inventory of work in progress?
When should you commit to working on a task?
What does it mean to pull work?
How do WIP, throughput and lead time relate, and how can you leverage one to improve another?

Join us for the ship-building workshop, where we will answer all these questions, and more! We are starting a ship-building business, and we need you to help us find the optimum production strategy to maximise quality and profit!

You will actively participate in an experiment that compares the effects of different processing policies on a production system, and draw conclusions from what you experience. We will examine and discuss the results of each policy, and run some thought experiments to expand on these findings.
We will investigate topics such as push vs. pull policies, resource efficiency vs. flow efficiency, stable vs unstable systems, bottlenecks, the Theory of Constraints and Systems Thinking.

(All this, and you get to indulge your artistic side too!)

Anna’s BIO

Anna Linke is a Scrum Master at NewVoiceMedia helping her teams become even more awesome. She started her career as a software tester, but with a time decided to change bugs into feelings. During her, over three years of experience at NewVoiceMedia, she witnessed and participated in great change and development of her teams.

She loves to spend time observing people’s behaviour and mutual relations. She is very keen on learning new soft and communication skills. Her favourite activity is organising different kind of workshops, retrospectives and other forms of knowledge sharing.

She is a huge fan of spending her free time actively, likes to experiment in the kitchen and spends summer days on long mountains trips.

You can find Anna on Twitter at @annalinke89.

Will’s BIO

Will Jacobs is a Scrum Master at NewVoiceMedia. For over 15 years, Will developed software in the financial services, secure back-office payments and telecommunications industries. Upon joining NewVoiceMedia, Will discovered Agile and traded development for Scrum Mastery. He has found his true purpose in this world: enabling great DevOps teams to collaborate, deliver and improve, powered by Agile techniques.

His spare time is spent losing at board games, taming his children and avoiding most forms of exercise.
Though he has been able to talk for the majority of his life, Will is a new conference speaker. You can find him on Twitter at @_DblV_