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Helen Lisowski

Once Upon A Time…

Human beings are hard-wired to appreciate stories. Not only about how our weekend was, but actually woven into the fabric of what makes us human. It’s not only authors & film-makers who care about stories. Every one of us needs to be able to listen to and to tell great stories.

Every leader needs to tell great stories to inspire their staff. Executives need to use stories to explain and share their vision clearly to investorsSales people need to pitch a good story about their product. Service staff need to listen and interpret the story a customer is telling them.

Even in our technical world, we still need stories: Testers and UX specialists both need to tell stories about user experiences. Developers need to tell stories to explain what they have coded, or how they have done it. We even call our pieces of work ‘stories’ in an agile workplace. These skills are the foundations of influence, of coaching, and of collaborating.

I will tell a story, thousands of years old, to show how collaboration works to make the outcome greater than the individual parts aloneWe wiIl use the same story to look at the facilitator in the story. How did they approach the problem to get participants to collaborate together? Finally, we will look at how we need to use stories to build our teams and our tribes.

We will talk about:

  • stories we share about ourselves,
  • stories we create together as a team,
  • stories we tell to influence others.

Helen’s BIO

Helen Lisowski trains and mentors talented people in the Software Development Industry to build great habits. Using psychology & behavioural science she helps people work to their optimum, at the same time to deliver more value for their organisation.  She has been involved in agile for well over a decade from International Corporations to startups, and everything in between.

Currently working at NewVoiceMedia Helen has helped transform the agile process from yearly releases to weekly releases. She has been presenting, running workshops and writing for many years now. She blogs at FluidWorking.com and you can find her on Twitter at @helenlisowski.

Helen claims her life is filled with variations on the same question about why we humans do what we do.  She has an obsession with afternoon tea, so if you bump into her, say hi and join her for a brew.