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Ewelina Wyspiańska & Maciej Trojniarz

No sticks and carrots anymore… motivate your team like a pro?

We live in an agile environment and everything should go smoothly… is that always so?

Why are we still failing with projects since we follow the four sacred sentences from Agile Manifesto? Have we missed something? Oh wait, what about twelve principles behind it… yes we are talking about that small link under agile manifesto that so many of us fail to notice. One of them states: ‘Build projects around motivated individuals. Give them the environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done.’

Nothing drives efficiency better than proper motivation. How can we make our team work with passion and use their potential in daily work? On workshop, we will go through non-financial motivation techniques and methods that help to build engaging environment and improve cooperation in teams.

You will learn what motivates people and how to motivate yourself. You will find ways to build success as a value and how to manage your team to not demotivate them.

Ewelina’s BIO

Ewelina Wyspianska is a Scrum Master at NewVoiceMedia. Her passion for Agile has started 2 years thanks to her fiancé, local meet-ups and conferences.

Currently, she’s working with two wonderful teams and helping them be more and more awesome every day.She also has a super power which is building good and healthy relationships within the team and bringing positive energy.

She believes in a statement ‘what comes around goes around’, so she is actively involved in volunteering activities, such as project ‘School of Agile’, charity and WOŚP.

Her hobbies are psychology in management, dancing, drawing and cosplay.

You’ll find her on Twitter at @ewelyyyna.

Maciej’s BIO

Maciej Trojniarz is the Sorcerer’s Apprentice aka Software Craftsmanship Journeyman with over 5 years of experience in various industries and roles. He is enthusiast and evangelist of Agile management. He is an advocate of good engineering practices.

Before joining NewVoiceMedia, he was working in Java enterprise projects for many big companies. Right now he devotes his skills as a platform developer while using C# and ReactJS.

His free-time is taken by his fiancée, board games, mountains and occasionally some survival events.

If you want to know him better feel free to find him on Twitter at @MaciejTrojniarz.