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Krzysztof Trzewiczek

Keep your product up to date with Spec by Example and Gherkin

We’ve finally got to the point where we can say it out laud—for most of the time our application specification and documentation is out of date.
“How do we compute the total discount, when a user collected a few different discounts?”,
“Is the quarterly update communication of the department sent to people who moved to another department during the quarter?”,
“What exactly means `a week before Christmas` for our global sales promotion?”.
How easy is it to find answers to these questions? Is `I have to check it in the code base` the only answer? How many business decisions have been made according to outdated documentation page on company’s wiki?
This is where Specification by Example shines the most by introducing a concept of Living Documentation—the only technique known to human kind that lets you keep specification of the business logic always up to date. With help of Gherkin language, it makes specification light, clean and reliable. The one we were always looking for.

After the workshop, you will:
• understand what the Specification by Example key concepts are;
• know the difference between TDD, BDD and Specification by Example;
• be able to identify the key areas where Specification by Example bring the most value;
• have a basic experience with Gherkin specification language.

Krzysztof’s BIO

Krzysztof Trzewiczek, a front-end developer at NewVoiceMedia.

His software development background is building interactive systems for music and theatre as well as interactive art. He used to take part in open government movement in Poland and Europe working as an open data software developer and technological transparency evangelist.

For a few years, he dedicated himself to product design and UX to finally come back to front-end development. He’s an enthusiast of JavaScript and specification by example.

You can ping him on Twitter using @trzewiczek handle.