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Rafał Hejna

Hashing For Dummies

In today’s world, all your data – relevant or not – is secured with some kind of credentials. You want to check your email account – you use a password. You want to play your favorite online game – you use a password. You want to check your bank account balance – you use a password. But have you ever wondered how they are stored? How can we know if our data is stored securely?

During this presentation, I’d like to answer these questions by showing you the great tool hashing functions are. I’ll show you the theory behind them, which is easier to understand than you may think. I’ll give you a quick overview through the most popular hashing functions, and which of them should or shouldn’t be used. I’ll tell you about techniques which were used to crack weaker hashes. I’ll talk about password leakages and why they may be dangerous. Finally, I’ll show you code samples, just to show that security isn’t that hard to maintain.

Everyone is welcome at this presentation. It doesn’t matter if you’re developer, tester or scrum master. I believe all of us should be aware of these topics, as it’s a matter of our and our customers’ security.

WARNING: this presentation may contain references to cars, avalanches and cuckoos. Attendees discretion is advised.

Rafał’s BIO

Rafał Hejna is a software developer in Billing Dev Team.

Since the beginning of his professional career in 2014, he’s been attached to NewVoiceMedia. He’s fulfilling his all-time passion of being a software developer in the fully Agile team. He truly believes that every obstacle can be overcome by open and honest communication. That’s what he’s looking for on his teams and that’s what he’s found in NewVoiceMedia.

He’s a big fan of Software Craftsmanship manifesto and tries to use it, making others aware of it.

In his free time, he likes to play video games. When he’s not sitting behind his desk, he also likes to get up and play board games, ride a bike, hike mountains or play squash.