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Alex Zananiri

Empowerment Through Collaboration

Do you want to work in an environment where everyone respects, trusts and values each other? I know I certainly do! IT professionals have some of the most creative minds on the planet. We are constantly solving problems and trying to think of ways to improve. So how can we encourage creativity, if we can’t voice our ideas? Whether you call it a discussion, small-talk or even jabber, the power of conversation should never be underestimated. There are many ways to collaborate, but are we doing these effectively? Throughout my career, I have noticed that some of the hardest issues would have been solved sooner if we, as a team, had collaborated earlier and more often.

Team Work – Do these words frighten you? We all have vastly different experiences when it comes to working in teams: some experiences more positive than others. It can be difficult to see the light when people struggle to understand or appreciate the value of collaboration. It can feel like fighting a losing battle at times, this feeling can spread through a department, making work a tiresome place to be. Let’s put an end to this!

This talk shares my experience of how positive collaboration has helped me to gain trust and respect from my colleagues, whilst establishing great friendships along the way. I will discuss how effective collaboration has helped our development team thrive. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I fortunately have experienced both sides of the coin. I will be highlighting some key processes, that if used correctly can have a great impact on your team, not only for your efficiency, but for your happiness too.

Alex’s BIO

Alex Zananiri has been a Software Tester for the best part of a decade, testing a wide range of products from ‘fat’ clients to mobile apps and cloud-based web applications. Recently, he joined the Scrum Master community and currently spends his time split between the two roles.

The application of Agile in our industry has fascinated Alex for a while now, as there are often very different conceptions of what “Agile” means. Over the last three years, Alex’s view has shifted wildly, as a result of being surrounded by people who challenge the norm and push our thinking to a new level. He has a great passion for learning and observing, he encourages teams to discover new processes through the use of experimentation. Alex relishes the challenge of helping teams embrace change as a positive habit; seeing this come to fruition is why he gets up in the morning.