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Dragons in the code

Every experienced developer I know has been in that situation: found some suspicious looking or even buggy code, discussed how serious the problem is, talked to management how important is to fix it as soon as possible and put it on the roadmap and then forget about it.
If you lucky, a buggy code will not cause a (big) problem for your service. If you’re less lucky, it can slow down or kill your service.

I have no luck at all, so I will share some examples from my professional career that made my life, life of my colleagues and life of our clients harder –
all this backed up by code examples from real projects!

Robert’s BIO

Robert Matusewicz is Senior Software Engineer working at New Voice Media on omnichannel routing engine. Before joining New Voice Media, he was working in the telecommunication field, first on 100G carrier Ethernet devices, then on LTE eNB controllers.

He is a Software Craftsmen, an XP practitioner and machine learning apprentice. He prefers BDD over TDD, collaboration over single person development, doing over talking.
When he’s not too busy working on meeting deadlines, he contributes to open source projects. Few of them he contributed to include OpenImageIO, LLVM, Boost and CoreFx.

In his free-time he’s boxing, brewing beer and travelling.
If you want to know him better, visit his web page or find him on Twitter at @matekm.